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Get the most recent updates on everything that is happening in the world

Get the most recent updates on everything that is happening in the world

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Program license: Free

Program by: Yahoo

Version: 1.1.2

Works under: Android


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Staying on top of events reported in the news just got easier thanks to the Yahoo News Digest Android app. It brings you the top stories of the day in a convenient format, giving you the chance to see important events happening close to home and around the world.

Excellent Design and Layout for Easy Reading

In the age of information, your Android smartphone or tablet gives you access to thousands of news sources. But once you give Yahoo News Digest, it'll quickly become one of your favorites.

Many news sites require you to zoom in to see useful information and are often overloaded with annoying ads. There are plenty of mobile news apps you can get for free, but few of them have a design as elegant and practical as this one.

Yahoo News Digest works by getting the top news stories from reputable sources. It presents them to you in a convenient format, showing the big headlines across various categories, including US news, world news, sports, entertainment and more. You can then explore the ones you find interesting in greater detail.

Quickly See What Each Story Is All About

This news app pulls the most useful pieces of content from various news stories automatically. Infographics, images, quotes and summaries are presented in a way that lets you know what the story is all about before you've even opened it. When a news topic grabs your attention, a simple tap on it will load more information in the form of an article with photos or videos when available. On a few occasions you may run into low resolution images that are difficult to figure out at first glance, but this issue is usually caused by the source rather than the app itself.

News stories are updated twice daily, once at 8 AM and another time at 6 PM. Although Yahoo has designed the app to show important stories across all categories to everyone, there is currently no option to customize the news topics shown. Despite this small shortcoming, Yahoo News Digest is an excellent news application. Navigating the stories goes very smoothly, there isn't any clutter or excessive ads and the app itself has been tested with a large number of devices to ensure reliable operation. In addition to showing news content, the app has a countdown until the next update and keeps track of the stories you've read so far.


  • Perfect for anyone who wants to follow the top news stories while on the go.
  • Excellent layout and design.
  • Shows headlines for all major news topics.
  • Clearly presents the most useful story details first.


  • Lacks settings to customize news topics.